Parsi Bawa Kare Dhamaal

Web Series

“Parsi Bawa Kare Dhamaal” is a comedy web series written & produced by Dr. Krupesh Thacker along with producers Dr. Pooja Thacker & Nayna Thacker under the production company Krup Productions. The 1st & 2nd seasons of the show received a positive response from the audience. Currently, 3rd season of the show is under production.

The character Parsi Bawa was repeated in Dr. Krupesh’s other production “Bawa’s Verdict” where Parsi Bawa reviews Bollywood Movies. The show was also loved by the audience. Based on the success of the show 3rd show “Bawagiri by Dr. Krupesh” was started where Parsi Bawa talks about thought-provoking topics in his funny style.

Parsi Bawa Character

The character of Parsi Bawa is created by Dr. Krupesh Thacker, who is also the producer & writer of the web series “Parsi Bawa Kare Dhamaal”. The character was loved by audiences of all ages. The same character was also introduced in another show “Bawa’s Verdict” & “Bawagiri by Dr. Krupesh”.

Parsi Bawa Kare Dhamaal

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13Daring Bawa
14Navratri Dhamaal
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