Krup Literature Festival


The Krup Literature Festival is the world’s longest literature festival, lasting 12 days and celebrating seven languages, literature, music, films, art, and heritage. It is celebrated on the theme of ‘Sangachadwam’. Organized by the Give Vacha Foundation and Krup Music, in collaboration with Krup Productions, Krup Publishing, Krup Films, and Esy ID. It also honors the 10th anniversary of the Valentine’s Parv. This festival has become a global hub of creativity. Core languages honored include Kutchi, Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Awadhi, and the universal language of music. Extravagant celebrations extend to various cities in Kutch. Festival directors Dr. Krupesh Thacker and Dr. Pooja Thacker have passionately designed the event, providing emerging poets, authors, and artists with pathways to global recognition. The Global Literature and Cultural Club will execute this enduring literary celebration.

Krup Literature Festival is a magical world of words, a grand celebration that goes beyond borders. This enduring festival beautifully blends the literary and cultural richness of Kutchi, Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Awadhi, and Music. It’s more than just an event; it’s a journey through the diverse expressions of human imagination, creation, and innovation. The festival offers a vibrant mosaic of literary masterpieces, publishing opportunities, revolutionary music, and a unique platform for audiobooks and audio poetries.


Festival Date: 3rd February to 14th February, 2024

Advisory Board: Dr. Shashikant ThackerSmt. Naynaben Thacker
Festival Director: Dr. Krupesh ThackerDr. Pooja Thacker
Program Creator: Krup ProductionsKrup MusicKrup FilmsKrup Publishing
Label Partner: Krup Music
Branding Partner: GLCC
NGO Partner: Give Vacha Foundation
Digital Partner: Esy ID


Music, known as the universal language, connects with the heart beyond words. Krup Music, a renowned music firm in Gujarat, is organizing celebrations to honor the beauty of music. Across various cities in the Kutch region, there will be captivating musical performances and premieres of new songs. Krup Music will release a collection of songs by both established and emerging Gujarati artists worldwide, available on 200+ music streaming platforms. Dr. Krupesh, with over fifteen years of expertise in the music industry, will lead the event, offering guidance to every emerging artist participating in this musical celebration.


Krup Music and Krup Films will present their outstanding contributions at the Krup Literature Festival, emphasizing the role of entertainment media in preserving Gujarat’s literary and cultural heritage. The festival, held in Kutch, Gujarat, will feature film screenings, seminars, and promotional events. Dr. Krupesh, a renowned producer, director, and filmmaker with award-winning projects in films, web series, and music videos, will host events, offering a substantial platform for the Gujarati film industry.


At the Krup Literature Festival, aspiring writers and poets seeking global recognition will find a platform for literary success. The festival will feature various events, including book launches, poetry recitals, talk shows, unique book reading sessions, and group discussions on literature. Established and emerging authors from Gujarat have embraced this opportunity to publish their books, which will be released by Krup Publishing.

1.Arjun Uvacha: Adhyatmik JatraDr. Krupesh ThackerKutchi
2.Adhura Prem Ni KahaaniDr. Krupesh ThackerGujarati
3.Gita Word Search: Indian Culture for KidsVacha ThackerEnglish
4.Sanatan Activity Book Part 1: Parv Ki PathshalaParv ThackerEnglish
5.Hunkaar KarAnjali SevakGujarati
6.Ay ZindagiAruna ThackerHindi
7.Tame Tyan, Ame AhiyaPratima SonparGujarati
8.SakhiriDr. Chetna JoshiHindi

1.Bhagavad Gita for LifeDr. Krupesh ThackerGujarati, Hindi
2.Jeevan Mein Gunje GitaDr. Krupesh ThackerKutchi
3.The Love GathaDr. Krupesh ThackerGujarati
4.Indian Culture for KidsVacha ThackerEnglish
5.Parv Ki PathshalaParv ThackerEnglish


The Krup Literature Festival aims to support young authors and creators by providing a platform for the release of children’s literature. The festival is dedicated to passing on literary and cultural heritage to future generations. In collaboration with educational institutions and schools in Kutch-Gujarat, Krup Publishing and the Global Literature & Cultural Club of Gujarat will host numerous literary projects, competitions, educational activities, and seminars. As part of this children’s literature initiative, books by the youngest authors, 6-year-old Parv Thacker and 12-year-old Vacha Thacker, will be published worldwide by Krup Publishing.


Kutchi Mijaaj: Kutchi Sahitya Sangeet Parv – Kutchi Mijaaj stands as the largest Kutchi literature and music festival globally, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and literary talent of the Kutchi community. The festival serves as a platform for writers and intellectuals to showcase their work and engage in meaningful discussions. With diverse sessions such as book launches, author readings, panel discussions, and the fusion of Kutchi literature with modern music, Kutchi Mijaaj provides a vibrant space where ideas flourish, and intellectual curiosity thrives.

Gujarati Mijaaj: Gujarati Sahitya Sangeet Parv – Gujarati Mijaaj is a lively celebration of Gujarat’s literary and cultural richness. It brings together literature enthusiasts, writers, poets, singers, and artists to showcase the diverse and vibrant world of Gujarati literature. The event offers a global stage for book launches, open mics, talk shows, and live performances.

Baatein Ankahee: Hindi Sahitya Sangeet Parv – Baatein Ankahee is a joyous celebration that pays tribute to the Hindi language and literature by Kutchi authors and creators. It serves as a platform for sharing ideas and delving into the vast realms of Hindi literature. The event features engaging activities, including poetry recitation shows, enlightening seminars, captivating song launches, and the introduction of literary projects such as book publishing and launches.

Bhavatu Sanskritam: Sanskrit Sahitya Sangeet Parv – The Sanskrit Literature & Music Festival reflects the essence of Sanatan Dharm. Through diverse musical and literary events, the festival honors ancient Sanskrit literature and spiritual heritage, aiming to foster the Sanskrit language and literature.

Gift of Thought: English Literature & Music Festival – This festival provides an energetic platform for budding voices in literature and music. Held annually, it brings together a diverse range of talents, offering a global stage for the introduction of literary works and audio creations. Aspiring authors and artists gather to showcase their creativity, ensuring that new stories and melodies resonate globally.

Parv Ki Pathshala: Children’s Literature & Music Festival – This is the inaugural global children’s literature and music festival by the Kutchi community. ‘Parv Ki Pathshala’ is a lively mix of educational and literary activities, featuring seminars, workshops, book publishing services, poetry recitals, and engaging talk shows tailored for the next generation. The events will be hosted in collaboration with various schools and institutions in Kutch, Gujarat.

Awadhi Mijaaj: Awadhi Literature & Music Festival – The Awadhi literature and music festival highlights the cultural richness of Awadhi traditions. The event is comprised of song launches, poetry recitals, and musical performances. It serves as a gathering place for thinkers and performers, fostering an environment where ideas can flow freely and intellectual curiosity is encouraged.

Music Heals – It’s the Music Therapy initiative, a compassionate melody within the grand celebration of the Literature and Music Festival. In this unique social welfare campaign, esteemed music therapists Dr. Krupesh and Dr. Pooja from Gujarat will join forces to create healing melodies that go beyond entertainment, reaching the therapeutic core of well-being. Through tailored music therapy sessions for social groups, schools, institutions, and the vibrant Kutchi society, they aim to heal not just the body but also the soul. “Music Heals” is a remedy for balanced living, where the therapeutic power of music becomes a soothing balm for physical and mental well-being.


The Krup Literature Festival is recognized as the world’s longest literature festival, lasting for 12 days. It’s a celebration of language, literature, music, culture, art, and heritage, aiming to uplift languages, cultures, literature, and artists. The festival hosts numerous social, cultural, and literary events in various languages.


The Krup Literature Festival marks the grand celebration of Give Vacha Foundation’s 10-year journey. In 2014, Dr. Krupesh initiated Give Vacha with the successful pilot project, Valentine’s Parv, embracing Indian cultural values and celebrating divine love. Completing a decade, this festival dedicated to Sanatan Dharma and the theme of “Express Love To Everyone” now extends its reach beyond Gujarat, spreading the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Organized by Give Vacha Foundation & Krup Music, the festival takes place annually from the 7th to the 14th of February.



Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music