Clubfoot Awareness Month 2023



“Clubfoot Awareness Month 2023” is a show based on the month-long event by the Give Vacha Foundation in association with Krup MusicKrup Productions, and Esy ID. The event is a part of the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv initiative. The event is coordinated by Dr. KrupeshDr. Pooja Thacker, and the volunteers. The month-long event will start from 7th May to 7th June. The month-long celebration includes various activities around ‘Clubfoot Awareness’ including a clubfoot awareness drive through various projects.

It includes online awareness drive through the YouTube, Facebook & Instagram handles of the project ambassador Parv Thacker. Krup Music will be doing fundraising activities online by selling goodies on their YouTube channel which has 200000 + subscribers. Volunteers will do a fundraising drive on the ground to support the initiative.

Event: GCAP 2023
Theme: Putroham Prithivyah
Concept: Dr. Krupesh Thacker
Event Co-ordinator: Dr. Pooja Thacker
Ambassadors: Vacha Thacker, Parv Thacker